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Snazzy Swimmers

Our new canine hydrotherapy 4m x 2m pool is heated to 30 degrees centigrade. The properties of this warm water is hugely beneficial for rehabilitation of injuries or surgeries and helps with relief from Osteoarthritis and stiffness in your pets. Swimming can help with weight loss and fitness programs that we can plan for your four legged friends.


Conditions that benefit from Hydrotherapy...

  • Arthritis​

  • Hip /Elbow Displasia​

  • Recovery from injury​

  • OCD​

  • Weight Loss in conjuction with diet

Benefits of Hydrotherapy...


Why use Snazzy Swimmers?

At Snazzy Swimmers, we are passionate about finding the right treatment for your furry companion to ensure their health and well-being. Sue, our certified hydrotherapist, understands the unique requirements of each dog and tailors a personalised hydrotherapy plan to suit their specific needs.


Sue has her Level 3 OCNLR Canine Hydrotherapy qualification which she attained at Greyfriars rehabilitation centre in 2021 and is also a member of NARCH (National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists). Sue is committed to further education each year to continue her personal development in the industry, particularly canine Osteoarthritis. She is an Advocate for Canine Arthritis Management, helping to educate owners on how to keep their arthritic pets comfortable and happy living with this disease. 

With Snazzy Swimmers commitment to excellence in care, your dog will receive the best possible hydrotherapy experience, ensuring a happier, healthier, and more active life.

My girl has enjoyed many a wash and dry at Groovy Grooming and is now swimming weekly with Sue at Snazzy Swimmers to aid her with tension in her back. It's been amazing to watch her confidence and stamina grow each week and she adores all the ladies that work there. Would highly recommend both sides of the business.

 - Google review

Please note...

You are required to have a vets consent form to allow your dog to swim to ensure that they have no underlying conditions that could be detrimental to their hydrotherapy treatment.


This can be downloaded from the links provided below:

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