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Bathing -

We have a fabulous hydrobath that fits all shapes and sizes of dog . Its powerful massaging shower ensures that even the thickest coat will get a deep down shampoo. We will assess you dogs coat and skin to ensure that the correct shampoo is used to get the best results.


Drying - 

  Each dog is hand dried.  This is done by first towel drying the dog and then blasting the excess water with a high velocity dryer.


  They are then dried with a gentle dryer and groomed through during this process.  This ensures that your dog will be knot free from nose to tail, making them feel groovy all over!!


Clipping - 


  Clipping can be done to your choice. If you want a breed specific trim we are happy to do this if the coat is in a good enough condition to do so.  If the coat is matted it is not always possible to create the correct trim for your dog, but we are happy to advise you to gradually get the desired trim after a few visits.


  If you want a "mud friendly" trim or an "all off" or a "puppy cut" we are more than happy to do so. It's your dog and we are here to make him or her feel nice, and to make your life easier!

Hand Stripping - 


  Handstripping is suited to wired haired breeds eg; Border Terriers or silky coated breeds like Cocker Spaniels.


  The coat needs to be ready to do this, it will appear to have two textures to it. In the case of the wire coats, it will appear coarse and wiry on the top and soft underneath. The wire top will then be pulled out by hand to reveal the soft coat underneath.


  With the silky coats, the top coat will appear dull and longer, this is again pulled out by hand to reveal the soft shiny coat underneath.


  We will assess your dogs coat to advise you whether hand stripping is suitable for your dog or not.

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