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Ears and Nails - 


  Ears will be plucked free of hair if the breed specifies, and cleaned using an ear lotion that breaks down dirt and grease and helps to keep the ear free from mites.


  You will be notified if we find any ear problems or infections are noticed.


  Nails will be clipped or filed to a comfortable length and can be done separately from a full service, please ask for further information.

Dead Hair Removal - 


  This is done to every dog!


  But some breeds with particularly thick coats can suffer with vast amounts of dead hair causing it discomfort and causing skin problems and working your hoover overtime! 

We will remove all dead hair leaving your dog with nothing but a shiny new coat!

Teeth Cleaning


We are now pleased to be offering teeth cleaning.

This is done by using the amazing Emmi-Pet ultrasonic toothbrush.

This is a non- invasive treatment removing bacteria and plaque stains with ultra sound waves to helping to combat oral cavity diseases.

We recommend a course of 5 treatments to see results. This can be done as an add on to your dogs grooming treatment or as a 15 min treatment while you wait. 

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